Monday, August 27th
Zen Tapes and Flashlight Tag Present: Phantom Power, fthrsn, and Dreampeter in Chicago

This Friday, August 31st, we have the fine pleasure of putting on a show with our eternal blogbro Tyler, from Flashlight Tag, in his humble Chicago abode.

Featuring lo-fi chillwavers from Brooklyn, Phantom Power, Zen Tapes’ own fthrsn and Dreampeter will be playing to the enchanting sights of Left Arm Single amidst live interpretive painting by Jessie Winslow.

The show, which is free/BYOB, is being held at Tyler’s lovely apartment at 2200 N Milwaukee and starts at 10PM. Check the FB event here.

On a personal note (I play in Dreampeter lol surprise) this will be our final show in the midwest for a long while, since I will be leaving beautiful Ann Arbor for a new beginning in Austin, Texas. I’m really thankful for the friends and adventures that the past 4 years have brought me, and since I’m originally from Chicago, it feels fitting to finally play a show in my first home before leaving to find another.

mp3: Phantom Power: “Cocaine Ain’t Your Thing”

mp3: fthrsn: “oooweeooo”

mp3: Dreampeter: “Mason Jar” (Lou Breed’s Psychic Surf Mix)

Sunday, August 12th
ABADABAD: “All The Bros Say”

Not much needs to be said about this gem. I can’t think of a better song to finish the last month of summer with than this one. Tweet about it, skeet about it, etc.

"All The Bros Say" is the single from ABADABAD's upcoming EP entitled The Wild, which comes out on September 11th. Tell them you love them on Facebook and Twitter.

mp3: ABADABAD: “All The Bros Say”

Wednesday, August 8th
Kyle Bobby Dunn: ‘Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn’

Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn is the most recent album by ambient artist, Kyle Bobby Dunn, and it feels like his most realized excursion into minimalist drone to date.

If I could sum up the 2+ hour work in one word, it would be “patient”. For the past couple months, I have been listening to it every time that I need a moment to take a break and gaze within. The scant amounts of sound in a larger space and Kyle Bobby Dunn’s focus on gradual movement has entrained me to a comfortably slower way of digesting life in an overtly complicated, materialist dystopia.

The record visits subtle melodies, reverberating through the echo chamber of memory and then back into an abyss of silence. Faint ripples of sounds repeat and grow, breathing in and out in zen bliss. Kyle Bobby Dunn is a master at his craft, and it’s magical to be sedated by his greatest work thus far for hours on end.

Low Point is streaming and selling CD’s of Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn on their Bandcamp. Here’s a moment that I particularly enjoyed:

mp3: Kyle Bobby Dunn: “Parkland”

Friday, August 3rd
Praything: ‘Her Skin Caught the Glow’

Gainesville’s Ju Kovacevich is a delicate master of his craft, using loops of tender vocal coos and arpeggiated piano stirrings to create heartwrenching narratives. As Praything, his lonely, intimate ballads are best listened to in the dark.

Her Skin Caught the Glow, his second recorded effort as Praything, is a consuming listen from start to finish—I’d highly recommend coupling it with the feeling that you are the only human left on the planet.

Visit the Praything Bandcamp and get Her Skin Caught the Glow for free. Here are a couple highlights:

mp3: Praything: “Rise Rise Rise”

mp3: Praything: “A Million Lives”

Tuesday, July 17th
GRL MTN Presents: Aaural II

I hate to pull our own chain like this, but we’re extremely proud to be expanding the Ann Arbor-based GRL MTN music collective (of which we at Zen Tapes are all members of) to some new friends. To usher in our extended family, we’ve created Aaural II, a compilation comprised of exclusive tracks all across the board.

As we continue to evolve, we’d like to give you a permanent invitation into our ever-morphing world through the machinery of a brand new website, which has been painstakingly created from the ground up by our own Cory Levinson (!!). It’s simply GRLMTN.com. Go figure.

We really hope that you enjoy the new homestead of our music and that you have some great times on your own accord with Aaural II playing somewhere in the background. For now, enjoy a few tracks from our newly indoctrinated friends:

mp3: OldKid: “Urban (P)light”

mp3: Known Moons: “The Structures の 様 Child”

mp3: Samn Johnson: “Pictured Rocks”

P.S.- we even have t-shirts for sale!

Tuesday, July 10th
High aura’d: “River Runs Like Jewels”

High aura’d (aka Boston’s John Kolodij) takes us on a slow, textural path that feels as if it has yet to be traversed by humankind. Drifting in and out of focus, the video by Omar Marshall mimics the languid nature of “River Runs Like Jewels” by gradually revealing the detail of the piece’s cynosure.

Our friends at Bathetic Records have just released High aura’d newest 12”, Sanguine Futures, which can be picked up here. High aura’d has also provided a couple of mixes that illustrate his inspirations for Sanguine Futures; they can be found here and here.

Thursday, July 5th

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Lucy and the Daze: ‘Alone, Together’

Discovered this cool album via email a few days ago. ‘Alone, Together’ progresses in a really fluid way. It’s a piece centered around self-reflection and transformation, themes that are captured in a cinematic way, something I observed prior to reading the description about the release.

From the bandcamp:

This is a concept album I made in December. When I was alone, which was most of the time, I started hearing a score to a film I had never seen. It was really simple. And then I started hearing a voice telling me how to make it sound better. Telling me, take this out, put this in. This voice became my “imaginary friend”. We began working on this EP blending sounds and emotions, making things that sounded cool to us. Going from a really dark place in my life, to now what seems like Nirvana. If I wouldn’t have made this…whatever it is, i don’t know, I would probably be in a metal institution. So give it a listen.

Buy it at any price, $0 to $999. This is definitely something to listen to fully. Ideally without interruption.

Tuesday, July 3rd
Pure Bathing Culture: “Ivory Coast”

"Ivory Coast" is an idealized summer day, both bright and melancholy in divine proportion. It’s the kind of song that I can fall in love with, not for a presumed perfection—nothing in this reality is perfect. I’m in love with it for the imaginary that Pure Bathing Culture's simple dreaminess beckons—to be perfectly aligned with another's essence, flawless health, to live in a moment of bliss forever. True or not, Pure Bathing Culture has me.

Their  self-titled debut EP is available as a glossy wax 12” courtesy of Father/Daughter Records. It can be purchased here or streamed as individual tracks on the Pure Bathing Culture Bandcamp.

mp3: Pure Bathing Culture: “Ivory Coast”

Tuesday, June 26th
Macintosh Plus: “リサフランク 420 _ 現代のコンピュ”

Seeping out of the mysterious internet aether, are the refreshing 90’s-inspired sounds of Macintosh Plus.

Dreamy and bright, “リサフランク420 _ 現代のコンピュ” roughly translates to “420 Modern Computing Lisa Frank,” and somehow that makes perfect sense. Delicate and hazy, Macintosh Plus builds on a seemingly familiar melody and has me entranced into a floral world of nothing but bright bliss.

Floral Shop is their only release, and it came out last December. Unfortunately the limited run of 100 cassettes are long gone. Support them by purchasing the digital release from the Bandcamp of their label, Beer on the Rug, which of course includes a captivating stream of their entire album.

And don’t forget, “it’s all in your head.”

mp3: Macintosh Plus: “リサフランク420 _ 現代のコンピュ”

Tuesday, June 19th
Our Brother The Native: ‘Pairing’

oh, lord, tell me- is this the love that I am meant for?

Ann Arbor eternals, Our Brother The Native, return with a dreamy math rock-inspired coupling of songs, “Edward” and “Pears,” and the pairing of the two are absolutely sublime. “Edward” is a gentle Tera Melos-esque number reminiscent to smoothly running your hand over a water’s surface. “Pears” is more of a rhythmic venture that features organic percussive samples as well as glorious brass and woodwinds, conveying the feeling of warmth emanating from within.

Pairing will surface as a digital single, courtesy of Canada’s We Are Busy Bodies. Enjoy the stream below:

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