Tuesday, July 17th
GRL MTN Presents: Aaural II

I hate to pull our own chain like this, but we’re extremely proud to be expanding the Ann Arbor-based GRL MTN music collective (of which we at Zen Tapes are all members of) to some new friends. To usher in our extended family, we’ve created Aaural II, a compilation comprised of exclusive tracks all across the board.

As we continue to evolve, we’d like to give you a permanent invitation into our ever-morphing world through the machinery of a brand new website, which has been painstakingly created from the ground up by our own Cory Levinson (!!). It’s simply GRLMTN.com. Go figure.

We really hope that you enjoy the new homestead of our music and that you have some great times on your own accord with Aaural II playing somewhere in the background. For now, enjoy a few tracks from our newly indoctrinated friends:

mp3: OldKid: “Urban (P)light”

mp3: Known Moons: “The Structures の 様 Child”

mp3: Samn Johnson: “Pictured Rocks”

P.S.- we even have t-shirts for sale!

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